Spectrum of Hope

Spectrum Health Foundation and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation

You Give the Gift of Hope 
When you start a fundraiser for Spectrum Health, including Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, you’re supporting improved health and happiness for adults and children.
You Make Compassionate Health Care Possible
Every day, patients come to Spectrum Health, including Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital for programs that provide care, assistance and ultimately healing. However, many of these programs are not reimbursed by insurance. Because of generous donors, families in our communities can receive the care they need to be well and healthy.
Your support, your story, your passion can change our community. Join a team or start your own fundraiser to provide hope today! 
Have a specific program you would like the funds you raise to go toward? Mention it in your ‘My Story’ or be sure to let the foundation member know when he/she contacts you.